About us

  • We believe that sustainability is a core business function. Building environmental intelligence into the heart of business is a genuine competitive advantage.

    Emergence was founded in 2008 as an environmental consultancy. As our business grew, we looked for tools to help us scale quickly. We searched for a clever way to manage the vast amounts of environmental data that we were handling on behalf of our clients. We wanted well designed software that put the user first. We wanted a service that treated environmental accounting with the same diligence and accuracy as financial accounting practices.

    We couldn't find one...

    So, we decided to invest our own time, energy and money into creating software that provided a smarter way for environmental professionals to manage the environmental impact of doing business — and Biome was born.

    Biome was immediately embraced by our clients, looking for an easier and better way to manage environmental systems. Today, Biome serves the software needs of environmental professionals around the world, from boutique consultancies to Fortune 500 companies.

    Emergence is headquartered in a Georgian office building in Dublin. Everyday, we work together to design and develop the best products to deliver environmental intelligence for business.

  • Emergence, the facts:

    Founded in 2008.

    Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

    Our team is made up of highly talented developers, designers and environmentalists.

    Our customers vary from small & medium enterprises to Fortune 500 companies.

    We're tracking thousands of tonnes of pollutant releases and transfers for our customers.