Environmental compliance software

Environmental compliance

  • Environmental compliance is an essential business function; Biome provides powerful web-based software to manage compliance metrics across all environmental media.

    Features include indicator dashboards, automated reporting, powerful analytics and data visualisation, data imports and real–time continuous environmental monitoring system (CEMS) connections.

Aspects and features

  • Air quality

    Compile air quality and emissions monitoring data from point and area sources. Connect to CEMS or import data from vendor reports. Compare stack emissions across multiple facilities, track permit/licence compliance, apply emission factors, automate mass emission calculations and perform statistical analyses.

    Water quality

    Collate surface water, groundwater, stormwater, and wastewater monitoring data from point and area sources. Perform mass emission calculations, aggregate data across parameters, sources, facilities and corporations. Track permit/licence compliance with limit values, perform statistical analysis on trends to identify compliance risks.

  • Wastes management

    Import and perform data quality checks on vendor waste reports. Manage and control waste facility destinations, waste codes (EWC) and waste types. Reduce data errors, calculate recovery rates, automate regulatory compliance reports (AER, E-PRTR). Convert wastes management data into financial assets.