Biome environmental sustainability software

Biome: Environmental software

  • Biome is web-based environmental sustainability software. From industrial pollution to producer responsibility, Biome enables organisations to measure, analyse and manage the environmental impact of doing business.

    Biome provides a central system of record for sustainability data; building granular environmental intelligence for global organisations.


  • Environmental compliance

    Manage compliance with environmental licences, permits and reporting requirements (IPPC, E-PRTR, TRI).

  • Resource efficiency

    Manage energy, water and chemical consumption and associated carbon, GHG and fugitive emissions.

  • Product compliance

    Manage product stewardship and regulatory compliance with confidence.

  • Operations management

    Drive EHS performance through effective operations management.


  • Aspects

    Manage unlimited environmental aspects. Quickly switch between aspects to visualise and report on the data in an instant.

  • Dashboards

    Aggregate all environmental data to a top-level. Create indicator dashboards for big picture environmental performance metrics.

  • Analytics

    Delve deep into granular environmental data with powerful analytics. Compare parameters, sources and facilities across the corporation in various units of measure.

  • Reports

    Run aggregate reports for regulatory compliance, global reporting initiative (GRI) and environmental indicators for corporate social responsibility CSR reports.

  • Data management

    Import data from vendor reports, connect to ERP, FMS and CEMS systems for real-time data collection, validation and analysis.