Operations management software

Operations management

  • World-class environmental management relies on effective operational risk management and communication. Biome provides powerful web-based software to collaborate and communicate on operational risk management.

    Features include powerful reporting and visualisation of aggregated environmental data, internal audit management, incident management and collaborative risk management.

Aspects and features

  • Audit management

    Schedule internal audits, define audit criteria and scope. Categorise and classify audit findings as defined by corporate standards or international standards (ISO). Assign and track corrective and preventive actions to collaborate on continuous improvement.

    Incident management

    Manage environment, health and safety (EHS) incidents across the corporation. Define incident workflow, from initiation to notification and close-out. Analyse and report on incident type, location, classification and frequency to identify high risk activities.

  • Dashboards, reports and analytics

    Aggregate all environmental data to a top-level. Create indicator dashboards for 'big picture' environmental performance metrics. Run aggregate reports and analytics for annual environmental reports, global reporting initiative (GRI) and corporate environmental indicators.

    Risk management

    Perform environmental aspect/impact assessments and health and safety (H&S) risk assessments. Apply custom scoring systems across activities and business units. Define acceptable risk/impact levels and create improvement projects for unacceptable risks/impacts.