Product compliance software

Product compliance

  • Navigating the environmental regulatory compliance landscape can be daunting. Biome provides powerful web–based tools to manage product regulatory compliance risk.

    Features include indicator dashboards, product bill of materials (BOM) management, sales data imports, substance list matching, automated compliance reporting, powerful analytics and data visualisation.

Aspects and features

  • Product substance management

    Review product bill of materials (BoM) to assess compliance with EU REACH for Articles and EU RoHS. Perform substance aggregation and roll-up to component and product levels. Compare substances with defined watch-lists (SVHC, SIN). Run reports and analytics for product compliance and substance hazard classifications.

  • Product waste recycling

    Import sales data and combine with bill of materials (BoM) data to calculate product waste recycling liabilities. Manage compliance with producer responsibility obligations (PRO) for WEEE, Batteries and Packaging Wastes. Calculate cost liability across product ranges and compliance scheme territories.