Resource efficiency software

Resource efficiency

  • Resource efficiency is a cornerstone of business sustainability; Biome provides a powerful set of applications to manage and control resource consumption and emissions (GHG, CO2e, VOC, PFC, HAP) across all resource types.

    Features include indicator dashboards, automated reporting, powerful analytics and data visualisation, data imports and complex emission models.

Aspects and features

  • Energy and carbon emissions

    Record energy consumption data from vendor bills and continuous monitors. Compare consumption patterns across facilities and business units. Convert energy consumption into greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (CO2, N2O, CH4), compare carbon equivalent (CO2e) emissions to GHG permit carbon allocations.

    Water footprinting

    Track and record water consumption data, differentiate between city/mains water and recycled water sources. Compare water consumption across processes and facilities. Calculate total cost of water consumption and cost savings of water recycling efforts.

  • Chemicals and fugitive emissions

    Import chemical consumption data to calculate equivalent GHG, PFC, HAP and VOC emissions. Create process-level emission models with pollutant precursors, pathways and by-products. Apply removal efficiencies to account for abatement. Automate regulatory compliance reports (E-PRTR, TRI) and analytics to identify compliance risks.